Battlefield 1 developers have stated in a blog post that they will continue releasing monthly updates until June 2018. While it is sad news that there will soon be no more updates for Battlefield 1, there is a silver lining. EA and DICE have stated that one of the maps which currently require paid DLC is now available to those who only own the base game, and more will be coming between now and June.

There is also a brand new game mode that will release in June, Shock Operations. Shock Operations will support up to 40 players, and is similar to the current game mode, Operations, but will take place on only one map. 

Shock Operations will be available to players who only own the base game, and will feature maps from paid DLC’s. Any readers who own the base game, but not the DLC’s, will be very excited to try out some new maps! If you want to play the new maps in other game modes, however, you will need to purchase the relevant DLC.